Canadian Wilderness Landscapes

Larger Oils On Canvas

Autumn Marsh (No.2)

Autumn Marsh

Beaver Pond – Summer

Beaver Pond – Winter

Beaver Pond

Boggy Lake (No.3)

December Thaw

Docks – Willisville

Forest Pool

Grass Lake (No.2)

Grey Day – North Shore

LaCloche – Spring

Marshland (No.3)

Marshland (No.4)

North Channel – Spring Ice (No. 4)

Northern Swampland

Rock Face (No. 2)

Rock Face (No. 6)

Rock Face (No.3)

Rock Face (No.7)

Rock Face

Rockface (No.5)

Rockies (No.2)

Spring – Bay of Islands (No.2)

Spring Ice – LaCloche Hills

Sunset (No. 2)

The Old Railway Cut

Winter in Rainbow Country (No.2)

Smaller Oils On Board Or Canvas

Abandoned Farm House

Almaguin Lake

Almaguin Winter

Autumn Marsh (No. 4)

Autumn Swamp

Bay of Islands – December

Beaver pond

Beaver swamp in fall

Covered Bridge

Forest House

Grass Lake Spring

Grey Day – North Shore (No. 2)

Islands in the North Channel

Lacloche Mountains – Ontario

Near Deer Lake

North Channel in Winter

North Channel -Spring Ice

Rockies Scene

Spring – Bay of Islands

Spring Fantasy



Beaver Pond – Fall

Dead Trees

Sawmill at Golden Valley

The Ghost Tree

Storehouse Bay

Winter in the Woods

Wolf Lake

Almaguin Dam

Beaver Pond – Spring

Storehouse Bay (No. 2)